Freitag, 30. September 2016

KILL AUTHORITY it sucks!!!

Hello outthere!!!
the summer is over and we have some new releases for you!!!

the first one is a special one ( like all other tapes too!!! he he ), it’s a re issue of 1998’s “it sucks!” demo tape from KILL AUTHORITY from bad hersfeld!!! Let’s call it a local classic in hardcore/metal!!!


I still can remember the time where bands like BIOHAZARD, MACHINE HEAD, NIRVANA, METALLICA, SEPULTURA, BAD RELIGION, M.O.D., NOFX, SICK OF IT ALL… were the soundtrack of every party around!!! That was the biggest influence for the most of us during these years.

“It sucks!” is a great reflection of that time!!! The artwork is based on the origin, the driving sound is still unique!!!

I’ve made only 10 copies, you can get some through the rude graphixx store later, or directly from michi@killauthority …maybe I get the ok for a download on bandcamp ;-)

cheers!!! TTR

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