Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017


DJ TAUBI & DR. JÜRGEN HARTMANN signed a worldwide and lifelong deal with TOXIC TAPE RECORDS, every output of this furious beer drinking and doctorizing team is now under our control!!!

stay tuned for some crazy stuff to come in the next weeks!!!

toxic tape records

Montag, 29. Mai 2017

it's the FINAL countdown!!!

hello friends,

at first I want to say thank you for all the funny and great feedback I got from you over the last few years, it was really a pleasure to copy all these tapes… TOXIC TAPE RECORDS was a funny idea, because I never had a Record-Label, and because I’m an old school tape deck guy ( every rehearsal room needs that! ) this was the only way for me to run a d.i.y. label!!! it was clear for me to copy some tapes, to put out some bands that I really like …and to be honest, vinyl is too fucking expensive, ha ha ha

...but now, after 5 Years, it seems like I’ve done my work, I'm fine with that, I will “hang up my decks”!!!

a very big "cheers" goes out to all the bands i was able to work with, to be a small part in their discography ...VLADA INA, OAKEN HEART, HANDS UPON SALVATION, TO KILL & Sea Shepherd, PEACE OF MIND, FORESTER, CHOOSE TO LIVE …they are all doing a great job!!! and I hope to see them grow and go crazy for a couple of years more...

my latest release is the new EP from MARISOLV, one of the first bands I ever put out on tape, and actually my own band ;-) contact me via facebook if you like to get a copy, they are limited to 50pcs, the download is for free... 2 more releases are planned but still a warm kept secret. maybe all records later on will only be digital releases…

i am still doing some "Straight Ahead" shows in Bad Salzungen later this year, and my friends Sven & Raffi are working hard to reactivate the scene in Bad Hersfeld, so I hope to see you all, support your local scene!!!

you can download the new CHOOSE TO LIVE and MARISOLV record here for free:


cheers marco

Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Happy New Year!!! Kill Authority News...

Happy new Year Outthere!!!

it seems like there is a re-union going on...

und weil das ganze in Bad Hersfeld stattfindet können wir auch ruhig den Sprachmodus ändern!!! ;-)

Schaut mal bei https://www.facebook.com/killauthority/
 rein, hier gibt es eine Menge News, neue "alte" Songs, usw... Auch wird über eine Show nachgedacht, man kann gespannt sein, ich freu mich drauf ...Rogge auch!!!

ein paar Tapes gibt es noch bei Ihm im Laden, so better be quick!!! Ebenso habe ich die letzten Kopien von MAKE UNSURE, VLADA INA ( special edition!!! ), OAKEN HEART und HANDS UPON SALVATION in die Toxic Box gelegt!

und hier geht's direkt zu einem neuen "remastered" Song, viel Spaß!!!

cheers!!! TTR