Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014



one of my personal highlights in 2014, SCREAMING FOR JOEY'S debut called "tomorrow today" ...out now!!!

we have 5 tapes in our shop, 30 more can be bought at their shows soon!!!

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cheers! have a nice weekend!

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014



Praha 2007, Equilibrium, Tomas, Pavel, Miro, Martin & Michal ...FLOWERS FOR WHORES!!! For me and a hand full of friends 2007 and 2008 was an awsome time, tons of miles, great shows, long loud and funny nights, lots of laughters, beers and fun. and Flowers for Whores was a big part of that! I will never forget these times!!!

after their first 7inch WHEN GODS FIGHT FOR A FLAG in 2006, and their second EP called EQUILIBRIUM the band struggled with some line-up change and remained as a 4-piece in the end. 3 more 7inches followed. sadly in february 2014 Miro, former guitar played passed away much to early.

the reasons for me to re-release EQUILIBRIUM on tape, splattered and limited, are very easy! my respect and rememberance of a great time, great guys and deep hearted feelings.

FLOWERS FOR WHORES are sill active, playing and recording great energetic songs, don't get me wrong, but EQUILIBRIUM is still something special for me.

we have 5 tapes in our shop, 15 more can be bought at their shows, better be fast...

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