Dienstag, 13. August 2013

new releases on TOXIC TAPE RECORDS

these are my first illegal acts, ha ha ha!!!

...the idea for these two tapes came to me this spring, but due to some personal changes like "moving from here to there" i had to change my plans! but finally i've made it real.

BLOWING FUSE vs. TWENTY ONE split-tape ( ttr004 )
GROW OUT the demos 1998-1999 ( ttr005 )

i hope that some of you local guys remember BLOWING FUSE, always i had a good time watching them live!!! the same with GROW OUT, i can't remember how many times i have seen them doing their best (later on some of them played in bands like WORLD DOWN, VYST and BURY MY SINS)! and last but not least TWENTY ONE, i think no one really knows who these guys are! these demosongs have never really seen the light of day till now, he he!!!

out 01.09.2013, each tape 3euro, free download will follow soon!!!
( prices without postage, we ship everywhere! )

or buy them directly here:

Kettengasse 5-7
36251 Bad "fucking" Hersfeld

or contact: toxictaperec@yahoo.de

KOPF HOCH another great demo for free!!!

ATTENTION!!! heads up everybody!!!

this release from KOPF HOCH makes me speechless, great guys, great music, great design, great record ...get a limited copy of "camaieu" or at least download their demo!!!

for orders please visit their web-stores: