Montag, 22. Februar 2016

TO KILL ...hunters will be hunted!!!


some weeks ago i met my old friend josh ( FACE THE FACT & TO KILL ) during the last BANE show in leipzig, we haven't seen us for very a long time and we had a nice chat about life, music & work. for some years now he is out on sea and a part of the SEA SHEPHERD troops. so talking about his work was much more excited than talking about mine ;-)

on my way back home i had the idea about this TO KILL "bootleg", and within some hours of printing, cutting and swinging around with spray cans i finally finished these 50 limited tapes of TO KILL's last album ANTARCTICA. all tapes are 2nd Hand, with intent I took already used tapes and cases, cleared them and cleaned them up. the result is a unique record painted in SEA SHEPHERD camo style. all for a good and very important reason!!! all proceeds of this record will donated!!!

just a few years ago TO KILL from rome was one of the most active european straight edge bands. they have played in the whole world and built up a huge fan base! their farewell record ANTARCTICA lost nothing of its energy and passion during the last years. this tape version is dedicated to the passion of this record and the dedication of it's members, from the first line-up till the last.

as i said before, all profits of these tapes will be donated to SEA SHEPHERD. personally i have to say that this kind of work was a huge joy for me, i had really lots of fun painting every single tape, and I am still touched by ANTARCTICA like on the first listening back in 2010.


big thanks to Josh & TO KILL, Anne at SEA SHEPHERD GERMANY and Chris at LET IT BURN RECORDS for giving their OK.

if you like to support SEA SHEPHERD by buying this tape for 5euro + postage, please visit:

i ship everywhere as long as you pay the freight. there are only 40 tapes in stock so better hurry up!
10 tapes were given directly to josh & the band.

thank you for your support!

bye marco

I am not afraid today! I won't be afraid tomorrow!!!

Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

VLADA INA special "no more kisses" re-press!!!


since the first copies of "no more kisses" are sold out within a short time. VLADA INA asked for some more tapes. so i've made a SPECIAL EDITION limited to 40 tapes. you will get 30 tapes at their shows, and 10 tapes will be available in our webstore soon.

the tape includes the original cover artwork incl. all lyrics + a special "devil's eyes" cover!

thank you for supporting this great young band, awesome nice dudes ...check them out at one of their upcoming shows!!!

bye marco