Montag, 8. September 2014


yo yo yo!!! it's time for a new tape!!!

in the next weeks well copy some tape versions of SCREAMING FOR JOEY's first cd called "TOMORROW TODAY"!!!

but who the fuck is SCREAMING FOR JOEY?! good questions ;-)

 ...founded by members of Transporter, Run Riot and Grunk in summer 2008 SCREAMING FOR JOEY started to work on their imagination of melodic punkrock.

The band has its own sound and doesn't want to be compared to other bands. Listen to our songs, come to our shows and decide yourselves!

SCREAMING FOR JOEY is named after a bunch of old time punkrock heroes such as Joey Ramone (Ramones), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Joey Image (Misfits), Joey Keithley (D.O.A.) and Joey Kelly (Kelly Family) so don't take it too seriously...



Anchors Aweigh welcomes THEE OOPS!!!

taken from Anchors Aweigh Records:

It’s been kind of a quite year for us on the music front. We’ve been really busy within several fronts, especially our affiliated merch production company and couldn’t focus properly on what we love the most.

It’s time to take off again though, so we’re stoked to introduce you our new signing: THEE OOPS.

Born in 2009 from the insane brains of AP (vox) CZ (gt) NE (b) & RF (D), Thee Oops started writing their furious Tunes in their homeland, Sardinia. When MP (gt) joined the band, the line up was complete and in 2011 they released “taste of Zimbabwe” which features 18 ironic, fast, sharp songs that cut your throat in less than a minute. In February 2012, Dam (D) joined the band behind the drums, just in time for their European tour across Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and Italy.

In the summer of 2012, the band recorded 9 brand new songs for their brand new EP “Happy Charlie” and, after a Punk Fest playing with Buzzcocks & Dead Kennedys, in November 2012 They flew through China, South Korea and Japan, for their first Asian Tour.

In october 2013 they started writing new material for their upcoming album and in February 2014 they recorded “Back to Breast” a concept album about your mother’s boobs.

Release date, artwork and tour dates coming soon. Stay tuned.