Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014



one of my personal highlights in 2014, SCREAMING FOR JOEY'S debut called "tomorrow today" ...out now!!!

we have 5 tapes in our shop, 30 more can be bought at their shows soon!!!

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cheers! have a nice weekend!

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014



Praha 2007, Equilibrium, Tomas, Pavel, Miro, Martin & Michal ...FLOWERS FOR WHORES!!! For me and a hand full of friends 2007 and 2008 was an awsome time, tons of miles, great shows, long loud and funny nights, lots of laughters, beers and fun. and Flowers for Whores was a big part of that! I will never forget these times!!!

after their first 7inch WHEN GODS FIGHT FOR A FLAG in 2006, and their second EP called EQUILIBRIUM the band struggled with some line-up change and remained as a 4-piece in the end. 3 more 7inches followed. sadly in february 2014 Miro, former guitar played passed away much to early.

the reasons for me to re-release EQUILIBRIUM on tape, splattered and limited, are very easy! my respect and rememberance of a great time, great guys and deep hearted feelings.

FLOWERS FOR WHORES are sill active, playing and recording great energetic songs, don't get me wrong, but EQUILIBRIUM is still something special for me.

we have 5 tapes in our shop, 15 more can be bought at their shows, better be fast...

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"Don't ever tell me what i can do!"
( John Locke )

Montag, 8. September 2014


yo yo yo!!! it's time for a new tape!!!

in the next weeks well copy some tape versions of SCREAMING FOR JOEY's first cd called "TOMORROW TODAY"!!!

but who the fuck is SCREAMING FOR JOEY?! good questions ;-)

 ...founded by members of Transporter, Run Riot and Grunk in summer 2008 SCREAMING FOR JOEY started to work on their imagination of melodic punkrock.

The band has its own sound and doesn't want to be compared to other bands. Listen to our songs, come to our shows and decide yourselves!

SCREAMING FOR JOEY is named after a bunch of old time punkrock heroes such as Joey Ramone (Ramones), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Joey Image (Misfits), Joey Keithley (D.O.A.) and Joey Kelly (Kelly Family) so don't take it too seriously...



Anchors Aweigh welcomes THEE OOPS!!!

taken from Anchors Aweigh Records:

It’s been kind of a quite year for us on the music front. We’ve been really busy within several fronts, especially our affiliated merch production company and couldn’t focus properly on what we love the most.

It’s time to take off again though, so we’re stoked to introduce you our new signing: THEE OOPS.

Born in 2009 from the insane brains of AP (vox) CZ (gt) NE (b) & RF (D), Thee Oops started writing their furious Tunes in their homeland, Sardinia. When MP (gt) joined the band, the line up was complete and in 2011 they released “taste of Zimbabwe” which features 18 ironic, fast, sharp songs that cut your throat in less than a minute. In February 2012, Dam (D) joined the band behind the drums, just in time for their European tour across Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and Italy.

In the summer of 2012, the band recorded 9 brand new songs for their brand new EP “Happy Charlie” and, after a Punk Fest playing with Buzzcocks & Dead Kennedys, in November 2012 They flew through China, South Korea and Japan, for their first Asian Tour.

In october 2013 they started writing new material for their upcoming album and in February 2014 they recorded “Back to Breast” a concept album about your mother’s boobs.

Release date, artwork and tour dates coming soon. Stay tuned.


Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

great tour video from ANGSTBREAKER!!!

...we finished the video of our Europe Tour 2013 that brought us to various countries in the East, like Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Czech Republic. We hope you like it. It was a great time!

Your may check out some more pics and flyers here:

We plan another tour later this year in September or October, right now we didn’t know exactly what direction we will go. Any wishes or suggestions?

We thank you all for support! Hope to see you soon.

Dienstag, 1. April 2014

Freitag, 28. März 2014

RUNES / GRIEVED split tape

here I have something really rare!!!

TOXIC TAPE RECORDS proudly presents release number 007! it's a split tape incl. my friends from RUNES & GRIEVED, limited to 20tapes only! all covers are handmade and unique! only available during their tour in march 2014!

all songs are taken more or less from their first 7inch out on ANCHORS AWEIGH RECORDS ...and I have simply stolen them!!! ha ha ha...

- age of enlightenment
- new old wounds
- human, all to human
- misanthrophe
- the big low

- cursed ideals
- clouds
- cold hearts

15tapes can be taken off the merch table
5tapes can be bought in our web-store ( online soon!!! )
or contact me at: toxictaperec(at)yahoo(dot)de


Montag, 17. März 2014

TOXIC BOX re-loaded!!!

please welcome OAKEN HEART to our TOXIC BOX!!!

you can buy all our tapes and cd's directly here:

Kettengasse 5-7
36251 Bad "fucking" Hersfeld

thanks a lot for your support!!!

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

RUNES & GRIEVED friends on tour!!!

go out and dance!!!

Tour presented by: FUZE,,,

GRIEVED (Stockholm /Anchors Aweigh Records)

RUNES (Brighton, UK / Cagliari, Italy/Berlin GER / Anchors Aweigh Records)

20.March SWE Göteborg Skriket
21.March SWE Linköping Arbis
22.March GER TBA
23.March GER Kassel H**s
24.March GER Köln Privat
25.March NL Eindhoven Dynamo Club
26.March BEL Maasmechelen Jeugdhuis 't Alibi
27.March GER Stuttgart Juha West
28.March GER Weimar Gerber 3
29.March GER Berlin DAY OFF
30.March GER Berlin Cassiopeia

Artwork by Skan at
Boking contact:

please welcome OAKEN HEART!!!

hey guys, sorry for the long break!!!

late 2013 we released a new tape, OAKEN HEART's first self titled demo!!!

Oaken Heart is a five piece from Leipzig, Germany. The band was founded in 2011 and is located somewhere between blackish riffing, crusting soundwalls and cheerful melodies. Actions speak louder than words… so that‘s basically everything to say.

Discography: EP 2013 (4 Songs - 20 Minutes Playtime)

Contact: / /

great guys! crushing songs! please check them out!!!
OAKEN HEART!!! what is up next?! we'll see...